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Marjorie works as a regular call girl at a hotel until exposed when she steals from a customer. Tony then offers her a "long vacation" up the coast. This turns out to be at a brothel, run by madam Pearl. When Marjorie refuses to work, she is locked in her room. Tearfully, she explains to another prostitute, Roxy, that she is pregnant. If only she could tell Tony. Roxy helps her to escape. In despair, Marjorie shoots them both. A title offers cinema goers cash prizes for the best written verdict sent in.

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Film screenings would be therefore often be over before municipal authorities could react. Now, will you help me or not?

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The Wages of Sin

Joseph sighed. May God forgive me. Joseph removed the rear of the breastplate and stood it upright on the bed while the old man manoeuvred himself into position. Joseph depressed a small button and could not help but feel a small sense of satisfaction as the clockwork gears sprang to life. He could visualise each part, moving in concert with the others beneath the hard, iron exterior. Then, without warning the heavy plate flew out of his hands and slammed into the other half, impaling the old man on the vicious spikes while scalpel-sharp blades whirred and sliced through flesh. Blood oozed from the base of the chest piece, and thick, viscous, scarlet fluid bubbled within the transparent tubes.

He had no guarantee that any letter had been written.

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He was an accomplice to a suicide, although the police would no doubt see it as a clear case of murder. His mind buzzed with different solutions to the problem, and he stepped away from the terrible scene. Perhaps he could set fire to the house to hide any evidence, or dispose of the corpse by dropping it down a disused mine shaft? He heart lurched, and he turned around, hardly daring to breathe. The old man sat in a spreading pool of dark blood, but was supporting himself and was actually smiling.

The device pumps my blood around my body, oxygenating and filtering it in the process. I no longer need my failing heart or rotten lungs. This device will keep me alive for many long years. Long enough to finish my work. He stepped forward. His skin had a rosy pink glow to it, instead of its previous jaundiced, yellow parchment appearance, and the tubercular rattle in his breathing was hardly noticeable.

The old man laughed at this. These devices are tailored to my own anatomy. Now, enough idle chatter. Pass me the devices in that crate to your left, and be quick about it. Joseph reached into the crate and withdrew one of four cylinders that rested in the straw. He passed it to his client, just as his mind made the connection. The client only smiled at this. What is the point of living forever if my withered limbs are unable support me?

How can I continue my work when my hands shake and the mere act of holding a blade is an effort? The man opened the cylinder that Joseph had handed him to reveal an interior bristling with hidden motorised blades and dozens of needles. He placed the device around his left thigh, then screamed in agony as the magnetic seal slammed the cylinder closed around his leg. After what seemed like hours, but was in reality a matter of minutes, all of the crates were empty. The old man was barely visible beneath the metallic shell, with only half of his face remaining exposed.

Blood frothed and gushed through translucent tubes and an array of blades slid from their housings to gleam in the candlelight, before disappearing beneath the iron and brass exterior. It for Joseph could not bring himself to think of this monstrous creation as HIM any longer clambered to its feet and stretched.

It reached out and grasped a brass jug with a metallic fist, crushing it with ease. Then it turned to Joseph. The devices are working perfectly. Now, there is the matter of your payment to discuss. Joseph bumped into the far wall, startling him. Of course. The money. The creature took a step forward, causing the rotten floor to creak under its weight. Otherwise I would have been happy to oblige you for a job well done. Rest assured that everything that I owe you will be paid into your bank account in the morning. The looming spectre of her displeasure almost counteracted the terror and revulsion that he felt toward his client.

Your wife. Do you not think that I would look into the background of the man I commissioned to do such important work? I will give you some advice, Mr Wilson. Not all whores walk the streets. The worst of them hide in plain sight, leeching the lifeblood from those who fall under their influence. I, unfortunately, am unable to pay in cash, but I will try to assist you with your current financial predicament in my own way.

You can call it a bonus, for a job well done. Joseph could not meet its gaze. He had no idea what the creature was talking about, but his momentary burst of courage evaporated with its refusal, replaced by a sickening fear that if he did not get away from this monstrous thing, then money would be the least of his worries. The thing that had once been a dying old man stepped back and performed an elaborate bow.

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Thank you once more. I shall make sure that you are properly rewarded for your efforts. Joseph backed away through the bedroom door, then hurried down the stairs and out to his waiting vehicle. He threw himself into his motorised carriage and accelerated away from the decrepit old house as quickly as he could. Once completed, Joseph was under no illusions that the devices were designed not only to sustain life, but to take it. How could he use that money to buy new chandeliers? He spent most of the night driving around the deserted streets of London, mulling over his decision.

There would be an argument, of course, when he returned the money, but for once in his life he knew that he would stand his ground.

The Wages of Sin

The money was tainted, and he wanted no part of it. Joanna could either learn to live with it, or she could leave. Despite his mood, the thought made him smile. It was like a huge, lavender scented weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Perhaps they might even find a way to love each other again, once the balance of the relationship had been restored. As the first orange glow of the approaching dawn illuminated the swirling, smog-filled sky, Joseph returned his vehicle to the warehouse and began the short walk home.

He knew that something was amiss as he approached the front door.

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The heavy wooden door swung open in the breeze and around the lock the wood was splintered. A wave of vertigo struck him as nausea welled up from his stomach, and he had to grasp the black metal railings to steady himself. He forced down the feeling of sickness, then pushed the door open with his cane. He thought about heading off into the night to find a policeman, but if Joanna was lying injured somewhere in the dark house, then the delay in administering medical assistance could be fatal.

Steeling his resolve, he grasped his cane in a white knuckled grip, holding it aloft like a club, then stepped forward into his house. The walls were spattered with a dark, viscous liquid all the way along the hall. It dripped from oil paintings and the expensive wallpaper, running down to form black pools on the polished hardwood floor.

The Wages of Sin : Audrey Forrest Carter :

Momentarily, he found himself worrying about how Joanna would respond to seeing the mess before he pushed the thought away. There were more black pools further along the corridor, with drag marks coming from the largest one, leading into his workshop. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. The young man addresses one Stars: Lenormand , Mademoiselle Ritz. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Storyline A wealthy young man in his motor car is impatiently waiting for the working girls to come out of a dress-making establishment. Edit Details Country: France.

Language: French. Runtime: 13 min. Sound Mix: Silent. Add the first question. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on.